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Brief Interface Introduction of Online Design Tool

Welcome to our online interior design tool! This tool is designed to help you bring your vision of the perfect home to life. Whether you’re starting from scratch or just looking to make some updates, our tool makes it easy to plan, design, and visualize your space.

With a user-friendly interface and a wide range of customization options, you can let your creativity run wild and turn your dream home into a reality. So why wait? Get started now and see your vision come to life before your eyes!

The toolbar of the main design interface is divided into four areas: up, down, left, and right. The left interface is the main tool area for scheme design, which is mainly subdivided into four sections: house type, public material library, mine, and industry library.

Leileier Online Design Tool 001

I. Introduction to the tool interface on the left

A. House type includes: create house type, draw walls, doors and windows, customize doors and windows, and draw rooms or house types.

B. The public material library includes: hard decoration, architecture, furniture, lighting, kitchen, bathroom, accessories, home appliances, outdoor, public decoration and other massive materials, which are used to enrich indoor scenes.

C. Mine is divided into three categories: collection, upload, and history, which are used for personal model collection and upload.

D. The industry library includes: hard decoration, kitchen and bathroom, wardrobe, 3D modeling, and various cabinets are used to fill the scene.

II. The function icons on the upper interface

The icons are currently displayed in text, and the function icons can be directly selected according to the operation requirements, which are mainly used for saving, modifying, rendering schemes, and some auxiliary tools.

III. Introduction to the tool interface on the right

The interface on the right is divided into apartment type navigation and floor attribute sections, which are mainly used to switch rooms and set floor attributes.

Note: The right interface will display different properties according to the selected material.

IV. The function icons on the lower interface

The interface functions below are divided from left to right: Floor, 2D, 3D, Show/Hide, Display Mode, Performance Mode, Camera Settings, Fit to Canvas, Zoom Canvas.

A. 2D/3D is switching perspective

B. Show/Hide: You can freely choose the furniture and walls that need to be shown or hidden.

C. Display Mode: Different display modes can be selected.

D. Camera Settings: Height and field of view angles can be adjusted.

E. Adaptive screen size

V. Operation Demonstration

Step #1 – Draw the house type, and fill in attributes such as floor height in the attribute column on the right.

Step #2 – In 2D mode, select wall or square apartment in the layout section on the left, and fill in the wall thickness on the right to draw in the canvas area.

Step #3 – Select the door and window on the left, drag them to the wall, and adjust the position and size.

Step #4 – Adjust to 3D mode, select the building plate in the material library on the left, modify the floor and wall, etc.

In conclusion, our online interior design tool is designed to bring your decorating visions to life with ease. With its intuitive interface and vast library of furniture and decor options, you can now experiment with different styles and color schemes to create a space that truly reflects your personal taste.

Whether you are looking to redecorate a single room or plan the design of your entire home, our tool has you covered. So, go ahead and unleash your creativity, and let us help you create the home of your dreams!

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